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September 27, 2009



Me too! And I love her stylish, darling party. Is that a new birthday banner? It doesn't like the one I know. This party should be featured in a magazine.


These pictures are wonderful! You are so talented and obviously a wonderful momma :) Happy Birthday, C!


You guys are too sweet.

Sal- the banner is one I made for SS.I think I like the black letters.

Amy-I wish beanbags & cupcakes made me a good mom. I'm pretty sure I yell too much to be in the 'good mom' graces:(


I see she has inherited the no-gro hair too. hee hee. But what a beautiful little lady she is. Happy Bday!


Are you kidding me Cara? This is a full head of hair compared to K-L at this age:)


SO cute! I can't believe she is 2! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
And as always her party looks adorable!


Wow Lauren, these pictures are amazing! I LOVE them all. You are so very talented. Nick and I are really wanting to get some family pics done. How much do you charge? (Oh this is Debbie Rarick by the way. I found your blog on facebook. Hope you don't mind if I add it to my list?)

Lea Tame

What? She's 2? Crazy! But so cute!


I can't believe she's two! I love all the beautiful decorations. Can I borrow them sometime??? Hee hee. She is dang adorable!

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